ASEAN and Selected Asian Countries -
A New Fashion Force that Presents Sourcing Opportunities

Economic clout:
ASEAN is the sixth largest world economy, after the US, the Chinese mainland, Japan, Germany and the the UK, with
  • a combined population of more than 630 million
  • an aggregate economy of more than US$2.5 trillion
  • an average annual GDP growth of around 5 per cent over the past decade

Remarks: based on and 2016 figures

東盟及精選亞洲國家 時裝新勢力 締造採購機會

  • 總人口超過6億3千萬
  • 經濟總和逾2萬5千億美元
  • 過去十年,國內生產總值每年約有百份之五增長
備註∶根據 2016年的數字

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